Sunday, May 22, 2016

Safety and relief with 101ellwood On-site storage lockers

At The 101ellwood Apartment our mission is to make you feel important and comfortable. We give due attention and recognition to your concerns, especially with regards to inquiries made.

Designed to optimize and maximize your comfort, every apartment unit is equipped with features that include: a dishwasher, wireless internet, 9-foot ceilings, tile floors, generous closet space, custom kitchen cabinets, granite counters and brown splashes, all steel appliances, and full sized clothes washer and dryer.

You will find the 101ellwood on-site storage lockers as a highly efficient and effective way of storing your personal belongings, of larger-than-parcel items, that you need to store immediately upon your arrival as resident. The large floor space of your apartment and the high ceiling is an excellent mode to live in.

The 101ellwood On-site storage lockers are “larger than life” space, wide enough and high enough to put all the important items in safety, placing packed items inside, or unpacking items and putting them side by side with your other personal effects that need to be stored for a while.

There are no time limits, no deadlines to meet. You pack or unpack items and store them at the 101ellwood on-site storage lockers at your own pace. The storage locker is found right inside your bedroom.

The 101ellwood Apartments offer various apartment styles that suit your goals such as the two-bedroom, 2-bath apartment, or the one bedroom type with one bath with loft suitable for smaller groups or single, independent individuals.

If you have been traveling for the purpose of discovering the other cities of America, or just for business, and you arrive in Baltimore, visit a number of exciting landmarks, including the historic Patterson Park.

When you come to 101elwood Apartments at 101 S. Ellwood Avenue Baltimore, you will discover the superbly designed, fully furnished, well-maintained and spacious apartment that provides a resident with secure and comfortable living.

Discover the interior and exterior design that speaks of functionality, liveliness and warmth, enhancing a sense of satisfaction, including the amenities that enhance your work and lifestyle. This includes the spacious 101ellwood on-site storage lockers.

Discover the benefits like the 101ellwood on-site storage lockers that can give you a sense of relief in terms of storing your most important and prized possessions in safety. Take out your items from the storage locker at anytime if you need to.

Apart from being a pet-friendly community, the 101ellwood Modern Apartment allows each resident to experience the full satisfaction of urban serenity in a dynamic city. The Baltimore-Linwood neighborhood is one of the great places to live in Maryland.